What is BCN?

BCN is the unique id for a digital card. With the help of the BCN, anyone can download and save your contact details or product details in the form of a digital card online at one place. That one place is Cardition.com, the personalized online folder to keep all personal and professional contacts as well as products and services details on digital cards format

How to create virtual digital cards?

  • Scan or take a picture of your paper visiting card and upload the image on Cardition.com

  • Design it directly from your dashboard once you login

  • Design it by using other online design tools or website and import here

Its fast and easy

to upload your contacts or products cards
with their unique BCN at Cardition.com

Access and Share anywhere

Have access to your saved cards
anywhere on your online account
and share your saved cards with
your contacts

Easy search

Searching a card in your online folder is quick by using filters

Organize cards in your Wolders

With Cardition.com, organise your cards
by thematics in your Web folders

Get rating and shine

Get rating from your card holders for your products/services

Easy update and sync

Update your card in Cardition and your card holder will get automatic updates

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